Saturday, July 28, 2012

...and then there were two!

BEM VINDA GEE-AHH-NAH! [teleferico, complexo do alemao]

Bom dia galera!! You may be wondering why there’s another verdugo/writer on this inspiring fantastic blog. I won’t tarnish this blog with my personal baggage in the future, but for curiosity’s sake, will say it had to do with:

1.     The inspiring Revlolution and raw impact that one mind-blowing twin sister has created with one little idea and one BIG heart & fricking fighting spirit….leaving me drooling to join her in any capacity, even if it involved being the official cleaner of her Havaianas.
2.     My personal indescribable connection love-affair, I’ve had with Brasil ever since the first time I stepped off the plane to work in a city in the interior of Sao Paulo in 2007.
3.     The bizarre, semi-dramatic, very-life-changing exodus we had in 2009 from Brasil involving a Lymphoma diagnosis, Julie pedaling home from a factory in Argentina, catching a flight to me, packing up my life in 24 hrs and POOF! Brasil was out of my life and Julie & I were about to embark on a whole other  adventure in Detroit, MI., [a tale for another day].  In this whirlwind escape, packing was a blur and I certainly must’ve left behind some pieces of my heart and soul back in my Brasilian apartment that day.
4.     The “feather in the wind” status of my life at the moment that involves my world possessions scattered between Barcelona, Paris and Detroit, and my current home address being: Pacha Mama.

With all of that being said, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the above than joining Julie in her Fashion is in the Favelas Revoltuion and knowing that even if I could give a pinky finger’s amount of what Julie has achieved so far, I would be floating on air.  In a nut shell, the stars aligned, my bank account emptied, my heart become full and I went on my way to follow minha gemia Julie!

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