Friday, August 3, 2012

A semisonic kind of day.

Funny how life can feel kind of like a washing machine sometimes. Before you know it you’re blindly thrown into a chaotic process….no idea of what’s about to come your way and before you know it you have water thrown in your face and you’re getting thrown around haphazardly. At first you're confused, you need some time to assimilate, you’re not sure in which direction you’re coming from or to which you’re going. Maybe you’re a little scared, but it feels like it might be good for you. Then all of a sudden just as you as you start to get comfortable and get into the groove, you’re good and clean and BAM! the machine stops. Onto the next phase.

best professora surprise ever. homemade limao + chocolate cake.
[sustainable jewelry classroom, complexo do alemao]

Today was my last day of work in the favelas. It was surely far too abruptly of an end. I saw the end coming, I knew it was coming, but somehow I just couldn’t prepare. But like all processes in life, and at the risk of sounding extremely trite, all endings are the start of another beginning….cue Semisonic. But it’s true. Today’s end was an exciting beginning for what is to come with our relationship with the favela of Complexo do Alemao.

Today was extremely beautiful.

I created a [rough and dirty] draft of a website for the FASHION EVENT OF THE YEAR….ALEMAO FASHION WEEK! 25th of November - mark your calendars!...will share site later when it's a lot more beautiful than it is now.

hmm..i know i learned how to do this back in my enginerding days...
Diana got a heartfelt interview of our dear friend, colleague and co-fashionisto Ilton [founder of the Fashion Lixo project in the Complexo].
and....ACTION! [filming on rooftop, complexo do alemao]
We got a rooftop view of a GORGEOUS setting sun on the complexo.

The students threw us a surprise going away party :) We arrived to Tia Bete’s school to our favorite students [yep, we picked favorites] telling us to close our eyes and stay downstairs because they were preparing for us “the best surprise of our life”.  And it was.

favorite little monsters :) 
Today was extremely frustrating.

When we put our MBA hats on and wanted to work, and I mean work and get scheisse done, not only were the resources not there to support (it literally took us 2 hours and 45 minutes to find working internet….never did we find wifi), but we also didn't get even the most motivated of people to understand what a productive day American style was like…coffee breaks, chats, visits to friends houses, coffee breaks, sharing photos….all fine and dandy, actually amazing, when you have the time. But when work needs to be done….well you get the picture. My German side started to show its face for sure.

taking pics while waiting for someone to ask someone to find someone who knows someone's aunt who might know the network key for the internet
[fancy shmanzy cocacola computer lab, complexo do alemao]

But through the hits and misses, through the highs of accomplishment and the lows of leaving behind a project that feels just to premature too step away from, I know that it is the start of a deep relationship with this community. In what form exactly I cannot say. That is for fate [and a lot of elbow grease] to decide.

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